Within 20 to 30 min. walk from Vinland Guesthouse,

You have Egilsstaðir Airport, Bakery, hairdresser's, a golf course, outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs, Supermarkets, small and friendly shops, galleries and pubs in the area.


Vinland Guesthouse

Welcome To Vinland a Family Run Guesthouse just outside of Egilsstadir

I am Brynjólfur Vignisson.
I own and operate Vinland Guesthouse located just putside of Egilsstaðir.

I retired after 20 yoars of service with Iceland´s Aerodrome Flight Information Service, responsible for operating Egilsstaðir´s airport, a "one-man show" that is a small but important part of Iceland´s domestic air service system.

I now dedicate my full-time effort to operating my Guesthouse. It is a welcome change for me because I really enjoy meeting and guiding the many nice and interesting people who visit here from all over the globe.

I have two primary personal goals: to provide for my guests the best in facilities and service that I can; and to ponder the questions of life such as where we came from and where we are headed as a society, and in between, to play golf when weather permits.
See you.
(my nickname)