The international code for Iceland from abroad is 354. Iceland does not have area codes. To call internationally from Iceland, first dial 00 followed by the country code and telephone number. For directory assistance dial 1818.

These mobile systems can be used in Iceland:  1800, 2G, 3G GSM 900 and and UMTS 4G.
you can buy Pre paid cards at most petrol stations around the country.

Internet access is available almost everywhere.In the larger cities and towns you will find internet cafes. Guesthouses and Hotels generally offer internet access and Wi-Fi free of charge.

The 24-hour emergency phone number in Iceland is 112. You will find Medical centers and/or hospitals in major cities and towns.  Apotek (Pharmacies) also widely found.

The first thing every traveller should do is to make a travel plan and leave it with someone who can react.

ICE-SAR offers you to send the information needed to start search or rescue, in case something happens while you're on you trip. Leave your plan with ICE-SAR

ICE-SAR also offer trip monitoring.  I urge you to visit safe travel web page.

Vinland Guesthouse does not allow pets :(
Traveling to Iceland with a cat or dog requires an application process, and import application fee,
and several weeks of quarantine.

Service fee is not tips, it is always included in the bill. This applies to everything.
Tipping is not customary and not expected.  The amount on the bill is what you pay.

Electrical plugs are of the rounded, European two-pin type.
The electric current in is 220 volts; 50 Hz AC.
Time Zone
We are on Greenwich Mean Time GMT throughout the year, and do not adjust to daylight.